In this care guide you will find the do's and don'ts for the home care of your new hair! Use this page as a guide to help you protect your investment!

Invisible Bead Extensions® Home Care Instructions

  • IBE® requires maintenance appointments every 6-10 weeks.
  • On average, extension hair will last 8-12 months depending on proper home care.


  • Braid hair or secure with low bun before sleep to avoid matting + unnecessary tangles.
  • Always sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.
  • Avoid sleeping with damp/wet hair.


  • Always use professional sulfate/paraben free shampoo + conditioner.
  • Use a clear hair oil/serum as recommended by stylist twice per day to help maintain moisture in extensions.
  • Avoid "repair" + "strengthening" products.


  • After washing, dry the base of rows with a blowdryer. Prolonged moisture at the base of rows can cause the wefts to "swell", ultimately shortening the lifespan of the extensions.
  • Air dry the rest of the way after rows have been dried.
  • Always use heat protectant before styling.
  • Make sure hair is 100% dry before using hot tools.
  • Heat on styling tools should be no higher than 325°


  • Brush thoroughly before washing.
  • You may have to shampoo twice to get a good lather that cleans around your rows.
  • Gently wash between rows + rinse thoroughly.
  • Do not vigorously shampoo your extensions/wefts! Shampooing in a gentle downward motion will keep the hairs integrity in tact.
  • Towel dry + use leave in conditioner.
  • Do not wrap hair in towel on top of head, this will cause unnecessary tension + pulling on front beads.
  • Use a moisture conditioning masque once per week to help keep extensions hydrated.


  • Brush hair thoroughly multiple times per day.
  • Separate rows brushing one row at a time.
  • With your free hand, keep pressure at the base of your extensions to eliminate unnecessary tension + pulling while you brush.
  • Start brushing at the bottom of the extensions, working your way up to the base to avoid any new tangles forming.
  • Use a professional extension brush or a "Wetbrush" when brushing hair.
  • Be careful to not brush over the top of wefts, brushing the wefts will cause damage to the extensions + shorten the life of your extensions.


  • Avoid sleeping with wet/damp hair, This will cause matting.
  • Avoid submerging hair in chlorinated/salt water. If submerging cannot be avoided, wet hair with fresh water + apply leave in conditioner, then braid hair tightly to avoid tangles. Wash + condition immediately afterwards.
  • Avoid sunscreens containing the ingredient "Avobenzone" this ingredient will discolor extensions and will NOT come out. Use a mineral sunscreen.